Monster Tree Service Franchise Review

Franchise Review: Monster Tree Service

You thought about it, you searched and researched, so now you’re ready to pick a tree service franchise. It’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, of course, just like any other investment.

Monster Tree Service franchise, a national brand that respects local ownership and expertise. We’ll lay out the basic information about this successful franchise, so you get all the info you need, like your own financials, how much can you expect to get back on your investment, and the benefits of a Monster Tree Service franchise, like exclusive territory, branding, help with training, and much more.

Monster Tree Service Franchise Review

About Monster Tree Service

What began as a small tree service company in 2008 has now grown to become the nation’s premier tree care franchise; and for good reason. Monster Tree Service is committed to keeping trees healthy and their customers satisfied. With their team of expert arborists, they provide a slew of tree care services at an affordable price. Whether it’s for small house, yard, backyard projects, or big commercial ones, Monster Tree Service will provide the utmost care to your trees; beautifying and improving the value of the property in the process.

Franchisee Benefits

As all reviews would tell you, the Monster Tree Service franchise has become the most trusted, successful and recognized tree service franchise in the nation within less than a decade, calling themselves a national brand with local experts.

This company offers the opportunity to run a business that is outdoors, high-repeat sales, big profit margins, scalable growth, and regular business hours that won’t demand a lot of sacrifices from your family time.

Monster Tree Service offers great support to the franchisee, even before you get to the help they provide with training and opening your location. They offer everything from uniforms to digital marketing, and even help with buying your equipment.

What you can make

It’s a growing, $17 billion industry, so there’s a lot of money to be made. The Monster Tree Service franchise offers a tree and plant care service to communities, homes, businesses, and entire cities, something that is essential and, importantly, a high-repeat professional service. The franchise will help you bid and entered into local government contracts that will help provide a stable revenue stream.

Plus, we offer many ways you can fulfil your role as a franchisee. Either you can run the day-to-day operations as an owner-operator, or stand back and manage one or more territories as a multi-location franchise owner or Area Developer.

Franchise Review: Monster Tree Service ______
Monster Tree Service Franchise Review

Franchisor Details

Industry Details

The International Franchise Association reports that 4% of all small businesses in the U.S. are franchises, generating more than $2.1 trillion in revenue and employs up to 18 million Americans. Simply put, franchising is a key piece of the American economy.

The tree service industry is a big part of that, approximately $17 billion in size, one that rewards hard work but has plenty of opportunities. And with Monster Tree Service, it’s a guarantee you’ll be buying into a solid and sustainable business model, without a boring day’s work and a lot of revenue.

A tree service franchise like Monster Tree Service will ask for a net worth of $350,000. The average royalty fees paid by franchisees range from 3% to 6% of monthly gross sales.

Monster Tree Service Franchise Review


The cost of opening a Monster Tree Service Franchise varies depending on the number of locations or branches you wish to operate and how much you need to invest in setting up each one. Nonetheless, Monster Tree Service requires a minimum investment and proof of net worth.

2019 Franchise Cost

Monster Tree Service requires a:

  • Franchise fee for a single territory.
  • Royalty fee (like all franchises).
  • Certain amount of liquid capital (cash on hand).
  • Certain net worth.

Monster Tree Service franchise fee, for a single territory, of $49,500. You get your own exclusive territory, with at least 200,000 in population, with significant discounts.

You can manage more than one location as well. The franchise offers discounts for every 200,000 people in your location. For a population of 400,000, the franchise fee per location drops to $40,000, and so on. And, it comes with exclusivity for that territory, which means Monster Tree Service will not place another location in that area, as well as the exclusive right to provide residential, commercial and government contracts.

Net Worth Necessary

How much money do you need to start? Monster Tree Service franchise requires $100,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of $350,000,, in order to assure the successful launch of a location.

Training & Support

Although you don’t need experience in the tree care or landscape industry (but it helps), Monster Tree Service will ask you have a:

Monster Tree Franchise Review Training and Support
  • A Strong Work Ethic
  • Excellent Management and Communication Skills
  • The Ability to Work Well With People
  • Acceptable Financial Resources

The team at Monster Tree Service doesn’t leave their franchisees to operate by themselves. During the first week, the Monster Tree Service’s field representatives will go to your territory and provide onsite training; and then subsequently visit you and your employees or crew throughout the year.

Any good franchise includes a training program for franchisees, in order to guarantee that quality, standards, and rules are upheld. Monster Tree Service team offers a comprehensive training program that includes a certified arborist helping the franchisor or manager and another employee by teaching them:

  • Safety and Equipment Usage
  • Public and Employee Relations
  • Budgeting and Business Planning
  • Supplies and Purchasing
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Controls
  • Advertising and Sales Strategies
  • Operations and Daily Management
  • Computer and Internet


Franchise Opportunities

Monster Tree Service Franchise Review

Monster Tree Service also offers something a lot of franchises forget: Support for the grand opening. They’ll send a Field Operations and Safety Manager, who will be with you for a week, onsite. You’ll get personal, one-on-one assistance with hiring, sales, equipment, scheduling and more, followed by quarterly Field Support from then on.

The franchisee gets continuous training as well. They have an exclusive series of training sessions called “Making You Money”, as well as an arborist consulting your and keeping you up to date with the latest information, along with an annual conference, and onsite visits throughout the year.

Marketing support

Monster Tree Services gives the franchisee unlimited access to their professionally-designed marketing material, which includes advertisements, signage, door hangers, videos, and nationally recognized and automated advertising programs that they help you manage.

Your website, online profiles, and email addresses are also taken care off by the Monster Tree Service franchise, including help with all types of digital marketing, from ads on search engines to SEO and email campaigns.

Equipment Needed

Like any tree trimming service, you will need both specialized machinery and vehicles, uniforms, marketing, and maintenance for all of this.

Monster Tree Service does offer every franchisee the opportunity and right to purchase equipment, marketing products, vehicles, software, internet connection, email marketing, and even their Plant Health Care (PHC) material from them and their approved providers at a discount rate.

They do this also to give you a competitive advantage in your location, thanks to the savings that are directly passed on to you. Not just in money, but time savings as well!

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Monster Tree Franchise Review