Monster Tree Service Franchise Opportunity

Monster Tree Service: A Franchise Opportunity

Monster Tree Service franchise is a national brand that respects local ownership and expertise. Here we’ll lay out the basic information about this successful franchise, so you get all the info you need, like your own financials, how much can you expect to get back on your investment, and the benefits that a Monster Tree Service franchise offers, including exclusive territory, branding, help with training, and much more.

Why A Tree Service Franchise?

A tree service franchise is full of unique opportunities in the franchise industry. It’s a business that requires specialization but no prior experience with the tree trimming or lawn care industry itself, only the resources and entrepreneurship required by the franchisor. There are high-profit margins and big opportunities for local government contracts that will guarantee steady revenue year-long.

The Benefits

Any good tree service franchise has to offer the opportunity to work outdoors, make your own working hours, and get the professional tree service training you need to win over your community or city’s trust.

The tree service industry, especially with Monster Tree Service, offers high-repeat sales, big profit margins, scalable growth, and regular business hours that won’t demand a lot of sacrifices from your family time. Plus, there’s no competition from the internet, unlike the retail sector for example, nor any dangers from automation and robots.

And beyond also being outdoors a lot, you get to travel by being in an industry that is growing so much, specializing every day. Plus, you get to know your community and city through your client’s and other local businesses. Also, realize that a franchise like Monster Tree Services adds the benefit of being up to date on the best practices in the industry and not having to worry about creating a marketing plan from the ground up. Even the worker uniforms and vehicle decals are taken care of.

The Tree Service Industry

The International Franchise Association reports that 4% of all small businesses in the U.S. are franchises, generating more than $2.1 trillion in revenue and employs up to 18 million Americans. Simply put, franchising is a key piece of the American economy.

The tree service industry is a big part of that, approximately $17 billion in size, one that rewards hard work but has plenty of opportunities. It requires training and knowledge about the tree trimming business, but Monster Tree Service has you covered in that regard, meaning you can enter into this specialized and lucrative industry without prior experience in it, needing only the will and work-ethic it demands. And with Monster Tree Service, it’s a guarantee you’ll be buying into a solid and sustainable business model, without a boring day’s work and a lot of revenue.

A tree service franchise like Monster Tree Service will ask for a net worth of $350,000. The average royalty fees paid by franchisees range from 3% to 6% of monthly gross sales.

Monster Tree Service Franchise Opportunity ______

About the Franchisor

The Monster Tree Service franchise has become the most trusted, successful, and recognized tree service franchise in the nation within less than a decade, calling themselves a national brand with local experts, for good reason.

They make sure to first listen to the local needs and then apply their national resources and experience to your community. They’ll protect you also.

Industry Details

Like we mentioned, the tree service industry is a $17 billion industry that keeps growing. There’s a lot of money to be made. The Monster Tree Service franchise offers a tree and plant care service to communities, homes, businesses, and entire cities, something that is essential and, importantly, a high-repeat service. The franchise will help you bid and entered into local government contracts that will help provide a stable revenue stream.

What you need

The cost of opening a Monster Tree Service Franchise varies depending on the number of locations you wish to operate and how much you need to invest in setting up each one. Nonetheless, Monster Tree Service requires a minimum investment and proof of net worth.

2019 Franchise Cost

Monster Tree Service requires a:

  • Franchise fee for a single territory.
  • Royalty fee (like all franchises).
  • Certain amount of liquid capital (cash on hand).
  • Certain net worth.

Monster Tree Service franchise fee, for a single territory, of $49,500. You get your own exclusive territory, with at least 200,000 in population, with significant discounts.

You can manage more than one location as well. The franchise offers discounts for every 200,000 people in your location. For a population of 400,000, the franchise fee per location drops to $40,000, and so on. And, it comes with exclusivity for that territory, which means Monster Tree Service will not place another location in that area, as well as the exclusive right to provide residential, commercial and government contracts.

Work Outdoors, Set Your Own Hours

The Monster Tree Service franchise has become the most trusted, successful and recognized tree service franchise in the nation within less than a decade, calling themselves a national brand with local experts.

They offer the opportunity to run a business that is outdoors, with high-repeat sales, big profit margins, scalable growth, and regular business hours that won’t demand a lot of sacrifices from your family time.

Monster Tree Service offers great support to the franchisee, even before you get to the help they provide with training and opening your location. They offer everything from uniforms to digital marketing and even help with buying your equipment.


Buying a Monster Tree Service Franchise is once in a lifetime opportunity if you are looking to have the freedom of working setting your own normal hours, growing in a scalable way, great profit margins, multiple revenue streams, participating in a professional and specialized industry without experience in it, and like we’ve mentioned before: You get to be outdoors all the time! Even if you’re the manager, it’s a franchise that takes you places, both in your local community, your city and the nation. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time for your family as well.

Monster Tree Service only requires a strong work ethic, management and communication skills, the ability to work well with people, and the required financial resources, of course.

Monster Tree Service makes their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) available to all interested potential buyers, including the much needed, but not required, Item 19 – Financial Performance Representation report. It will show you details about every franchisee, from lowest to highest performing one.

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